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Fighting for Croydon’s Future

I made South London my home 20 years ago. I’m passionate about this community and want to see it flourish. That’s why I am standing to be your next Labour MP.

I have a track record of campaigning success, from saving jobs during Covid to fighting the Chancellor in the Courts.  I led the Croydon South campaign in 2019, and I’m ready to fight again for Croydon East as soon as we get the chance to kick the Tories out.

Thirteen years of Tory misrule have left Britain in crisis. We need a campaigning MP to make Croydon a priority for the next government.

My son is seven and I want him to grow up in a country that works. Where public services are there when we need them, young people are safe from gang crime and violence, and our government truly tackles the climate emergency. We need a Labour Government to make this happen and this means winning Croydon East.

As the 2019 parliamentary candidate for Croydon South, I mobilised members from across the party and ran a high profile campaign, outperforming the national swing, against a bleak national picture and concerns about local issues.

I’ve knocked on doors with Sarah Jones MP in the Croydon Central campaign since 2017.  This taught me that it takes hard work and a united party to win a marginal seat, and an ability to speak to all parts of the constituency, not just traditional Labour voters.

“I’m passionate about this community and want to see it flourish. I have the campaigning experience to help us win together.”

Tackling Crime

My son is seven. I want him to grow up in a community safe from the knife crime epidemic that’s tearing families apart. I will fight for Croydon to get the police officers and youth services it needs to tackle the underlying causes of violence before it happens.

Fixing Our Public Services

A generation of Croydonians is paying more and getting less. I fought for government to reopen recording studios in the pandemic and won. Today I’m fighting to keep our nurseries open and I will demand more investment in our NHS, good social housing and funding for our critical youth services.

Reviving our Town Centres

I will use my decades of experience working at the top of the creative industries to bring good jobs to Croydon and renew our high streets. I will work with business and local government on an industrial strategy for Croydon to bring jobs and boost retail and hospitality, and halt the decline of the last decade.

Cleaner & Greener Borough

I’m committed to tackling the climate emergency fairly. I will push the council and TFL to make walking and cycling much safer, and fight for investment in our public transport. I will ensure that Labour’s plans to insulate homes benefit Croydon. As a councillor, I have developed climate-action plans co-produced with residents and I will ensure your voices are at the heart of our fight against climate change.

Labour Member
New Addington

“Olga was such a great help with my housing problems; she listened, she cared, and she worked incredibly hard to get it fixed. I can’t think of any better qualities you would want in an MP for Croydon East.”

Labour Member
Selsdon Vale & Forestdale

I saw how hard Olga worked in the 2019 election. She has the work ethic, the experience and local knowledge to hit the ground running. And she’s shown her commitment to Croydon over many years.”

Water Campaigner

“I know from her amazing work in the music industry, fighting for equality, just what a formidable and fearless campaigner Olga is. She will make a superb Member of Parliament.”

Mayor of West Yorkshire

“I worked closely with Olga on my #Selfieleave bill to give shared parental leave to self-employed people back in 2018. She was a tenacious campaigner then, and I know she will be a tireless advocate for Croydon East.”

Labour Member
Addiscombe West

“I’ve seen how Olga listens to the concerns and ideas of constituents and does what ever she can to make things better for people. She is supporting my friend with her housing situation. She really cares, and will make a fantastic MP.”

Labour Member
Addiscombe West

“I watched Olga on the doorsteps across Croydon every day in 2019 – she has a real talent for connecting with people, listening to their concerns and winning them round to a Labour vote. She will be a fantastic asset in Parliament, not just for Croydon but nationally too, and excel in improving our quality of life.”

Labour Member
Selsdon Vale & Forestdale

“Olga’s passion for environmental issues is why I’m supporting her. She also has a lot of valuable election experience under her belt and I believe she knows exactly what is needed to win in Croydon East.”

Labour Member
Addiscombe West

“Olga has got a lot of campaigning experience, and that will hugely important in the forthcoming election. Her plan to work with industry to revive the town centre and bring good jobs back to Croydon is precisley what we need, and I’m totally confident she is the person to deliver it.”

Labour Member
Addiscombe East

“As an NHS worker, I want an MP for Croydon who truly understands the crisis the NHS has been going through. It can’t carry on like this – and I know that Olga gets it. She has had personal experience of supporting family members with health issues. She knows the impact an underfunded and understaffed health service has on all of our lives – and will be a tenacious fighter in Parliament to get our doctors and nurses the resources they need and deserve.”

Labour Member, Co-chair, New Addington Community Hubs New Addington

“I know Olga through her volunteering with New Addington Community Hubs. She went above and beyond in helping local residents. She will make a fantastic MP.”

Founder & CEO
Pregnant Then Screwed

“I worked closely with Olga on a lot of campaigns at Pregnant Then Screwed. She led our legal challenge against the chancellor and won. I cannot think of a more dedicated person to be your MP in Croydon East.

Labour Member
Addiscombe West

“Given the talent we have in this borough, Croydon should be the cultural hub of South London and beyond. Olga has fought her way to the top in a male-dominated music industry – that shows that she is the best possible person to unleash Croydon’s cultural potential on the national stage.”

“A self employed sound engineer by trade, world class artists have trusted me with their projects at the highest level, from Coldplay to Dua Lipa.”

    Campaigning for equal pay

    I founded Parental Pay Equality to mobilise campaigners, trade unions and celebrities for a fairer system of parental leave for self-employed parents. Working together, we convinced Parliament to debate a change in the law so that no parent has to go through what I did as a self-employed mum.

    Protecting jobs and livelihoods

    I helped hundreds of people get back to work safely when they needed it most. After the first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, I fought to keep recording studios open in my role as executive director of the Music Producers Guild and working with my trade union, the Musicians’ Union.

    Standing up for local communities

    Ordinary people can have an impact on politics. That’s what I’ve learned from almost a decade of grassroots campaigning and a lifetime of supporting the Labour Party, representing local people as a Labour & Co-operative councillor in Lambeth and campaigning to win Croydon South in the 2019 general election.